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La invasión de EEUU a Irak formó parte de un plan para destruir los Estados-nación de esa región (Foto: Ceerwan Aziz-Pool / Getty Images)

The Republics of Lomitolandia and the Security of the Unborn

The global monopolistic process of the large transnationals pursues the goal of a single owner on the planet. This requires the elimination of nation-states and corporate taxation, the appropriation of the wealth administered by the states. We are talking about savings banks, trusts, contributions, health and housing insurance, subsidies, benefits, pensions and other demands, achieved by the working class during their struggles. They also seek to control directly the areas of natural resources, raw materials, energies and very cheap labor.

Let us look at the cases of Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and other countries in which they invade, or apply policies of controlled chaos. They destroy the State, after the propagandistic softening of failed States, outlaws, narcos, terrorists, dictatorships, and then leave their small armies of private security controlling these resources in each dismembered point of these countries, but with all the straws directed to the absorbing mouths of the corporations that feed their voracity with these natural resources, raw materials, cheap labor and fuels.

These armies, made up of mercenaries, whether they are called paracos, rastrojos, black eagles, self-defense units, al Qaeda, white helmets, doctors without borders, Islamic state, Muslim brotherhood, or any other that can be called terrorists, traffickers, narcos, belong to the corporations of war, the armed wing of the corporate network that governs the world, because ultimately the objective of these large corporations that control the world is less investment/greater profit.

Capitalism can no longer maintain appearances, it needs to monopolize the entire planet. And for this it does not need a State as we know it today, it requires a simple repressive apparatus, which is permissive with the bourgeoisie, with laissez faire; do whatever you want, whenever you want, against whomever you want. When they say, for example, that it is the market that will rule and regulate, they are really saying that the one who will control is the one who has more armies, more capacity for blackmail and subjugation.

The pretension is, after destroying the nation-states, to constitute Lomitoland republics in the places where the conditions exist to generate wealth directly, without having to go through the ethical, moral and physical constraints of the states, without having to pay the workers anything more than starvation wages, being able to get rid of us when we no longer perform for them, without arguing with trade unions. The chaos this may generate will be controlled by these armies, the walls and ghettos, physical and religious drug companies, plus prostitution.

In order to calm the refined spirits of the middle class they will toss out all their ideological recipes, great growth, development, democracy, freedom, equality of opportunities, reduction of poverty, increase of wealth, controlled inflation, social welfare at the level of developed or developing countries, and all this chatter to cover up the terror of the permanent war to which these countries will be subjected once they no longer have resources, with no possibility of recovering and reconstituting themselves, being prey both to the fall and to the clean table. Because the transnationals steal the raw material and profit from the war itself, because they sell weapons and equipment, while they dispose of the human waste or recycle it in the war industry, drugs, prostitution or the sale of organs.

Until one day we will wake up once again impoverished in the extreme and the cycle of bad administration, lack of planning, lack of vision of the future, moderate inflation, superinflation and the uncontrolled exploitation of super-superinflation, congenital laziness, the mental inferiority of the poor, which does not allow them to better themselves, the waste and the blah, blah, blah of the left and the right, intellectuals, artists, academics and the long line of those who are paid and who live off the plunder.

At this stage of capitalism, the objective of the big transnationals is to eliminate, at least, half of the population and thus rehabilitate the production apparatus together with the so-called reconstruction, because it allows them to mobilize capital and put their factories into operation.

Is this purpose of the bourgeoisie new? Definitely not. When the war between the bourgeoisie that emerged as a powerful class, sustained by humanism, against the absolute monarchy or the absolutist State, ruled by the church and the kings sustained by God, it is not only for the control of the territory, an immediate purpose, but also because the bourgeois liberals already have their own concepts, their own plans, sustained by the myth of the truth of science. The bourgeois seek to impose their own ways and customs. The bourgeois liberals, among other things, seek to get rid of the State as a whole, because it sustained the historical memory of the existence of the monarchy and the church, and was governed by the myth of god. Only in one thing did these powerful classes in conflict agree, and that is that the State as an administrative apparatus of violence guaranteed them, by means of repression, the control of the slaves at all times.

As the war progressed, and the bourgeoisie realized that they could not definitively defeat the absolutist power, they decided to establish a pact and this was achieved in the Treaty of Westphalia. Thus the nation-state was born, a new distribution of the world was produced. The State is then sustained by tolerance, it serves all the powerful, as long as each one is strengthened and has the capacity to subdue or eliminate the other.

The State then plays the role of arbiter among the powerful, who reluctantly accept it, because in its other facet it is the direct repressor of the species subjected to slavery by the corporations; otherwise they would be killing each other, but at this moment some owners feel strong enough to send the State to hell, subjugate other owners, take everything that exists and declare themselves definitively all-powerful god.

These criminals need to eliminate the State because it has become pachydermic, without agility for its main task, which is to repress all the opposing classes and to be more agile in the arbitration process, the principal reason why the bourgeoisie allowed its existence. Almost 400 years have passed: the evidence tells us that the bourgeoisie has grown stronger and is going after its own.

In short, the State is saturated with burdens which the bourgeoisie are unwilling to carry, but they are willing to keep the spoils that in long and bloody struggles we proletarians have accumulated in the coffers of the State. For them it is easier to create private security apparatus, to eliminate the armies and create security companies, without the expense of the pomp and paraphernalia of the regular armies, to make them more agile and to avoid the expenses of large barracks, because by turning them into companies, each owner bears his own expenses without having to pay the prerogatives of the officers and without taking care of the relatives of the soldiers killed in combat, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Mercenaries work for a plate of food, they are slaves without any dignity, they are waste merchandise produced by large factories and cities. Those dead have no mourners, they are the perfect machine that humans dreamed for slaves: slaves detached from all sentimental, cultural or telluric roots. They do not belong to themselves, nor are they part of any community. The planet’s neighborhoods are full of these living dead with no sense of homeland or species, and that is why they can be used by transnationals without any ethical or moral consequences.

In the same way it will happen with all the other functions of the State in the social sphere, everything will be privatized and fundamentally it will have no control over natural resources and raw materials, which will belong to each owner according to his power.

Nothing new is happening, it is the same capital operating in reality. Because they are really looking for the womb, which is the most pleasant place, that is what capital is pursuing today: the colonies of the first slavery in America 1520, the birth of the primary accumulation of capital, the training and emergence of the modern slave in the sugar mills, where everything was valid, he could kill the workers and not pay them, he could put them to work 20 hours and there was no State to oppose that, but that was applauded, it was a moral value to die at work. Manchester 1712, birth of modern industry, the society of owners was ethically moralized with slave labor, where all the techniques of discipline, obedience and submission were also tested, where the church played a role of supreme importance in the foundation of schools.

To that matrix position capitalism wants to return, because it feels threatened with death and so it seeks its umbilical cord, its raison d’être, its nucleus of birth to reassure the poor and fearful old man, as when he was an unborn child.

That is what the bourgeois are announcing and it is nothing new, because their principle is to be free. The State represses that freedom to do whatever they want and whenever they want, against whomever they want. They seek absolute power to achieve the supreme freedom that dwelt in the unique and all-powerful god that every bourgeois has always aspired to be individually.

Because they are the fathers of freedom. And what is freedom? It is to do whatever we want: that is full freedom. It is to be a god, accountable to no one. That is why when we see a fellow worker talking about freedom, we are suspicious, because how can a slave talk about freedom if that is the condition by which we exist as slaves, and that he himself is defending what justifies his slavery? That is a nonsense, because freedom is a practical fact, nobody is going to fight and die for a thing that is not real.

Freedom is a real, practical, concrete fact. How much you have, how free you are, in the capitalist system, that is what determines freedom and nothing else. To be able to kill someone and laugh your ass off in public, for example. For example, the cases of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and countless wars against life, which are justified with the arrogance of being masters and not the ridiculous cheesiness of freedom for all, I have the right to do what I want and a lot of other learned and pamphlet phrases that the academic middle class, artist or not, loves so much.

That is in force and that is how the bourgeoisie understands it, right here. The deep anger that the bourgeoisie has against us, once we elected Chávez and now that we continue with Maduro, has to do with the fact that their freedom was limited, taken away from them. Today the bourgeois has to negotiate with the State, not to impose on the State, as it was done before Chávez.

By law the bourgeois are obliged to pay taxes, they no longer decide directly on the resources, they have to comply with the prerogatives of the workers. They continue stealing, speculating in the same way, yes, but not with the freedom with which they have always done it. That is why they say that this is a rrrrregime, that this is a dictatorship, and they put the aspirants, cannon fodder, to repeat that, because they do know what the dictatorship of being free is, because they have exercised it, they have practiced it and they have enjoyed it.

In every great crisis of capitalism, which is nothing more than the advance towards the throne of god, the coup d’état against heaven, a phenomenon has also occurred, millions of proletarians and peasants, with and without direction, have played an important role in the search for another culture, but unfortunately always in the field of humanistic ideas, never in the framework of other ideas, for the simple fact that the species has never thought of a conceptually different culture.

Capitalism in its criminal evolution throughout the planet has gone through several stages: primary accumulation of capital, industrial establishment and national accumulation of wealth in Europe, expansion in illusion of powers or empires of some European countries, called imperial phase, or as Lenin defined it: superior phase of capitalism, and today, where capital has already demonstrated that it has no homeland.

Today capital travels with all its money wherever there is the possibility of generating wealth, or by means of propaganda mobilizes desperate and unwary slaves to places where it can pay less and obtain greater profits.

In this new bourgeois war for absolute control, as we have already said, an immense crack is opening all over the planet, where the material and subjective conditions of this time place the impoverished species in the possibility that for the first time we can think, without the dogma, without the pamphlet, without the obligatory following of this or that idea, this or that leader, without the belief that we can defeat capitalism by becoming, like it, the enemy.

It is happening all over the world: in spite of the pandemic, the peoples are demonstrating, it is an announcement that the species has no intention of committing suicide, because this species impoverished by capitalism all over the planet has no other choice but to think radically and to be bold, daring, to get rid of everything that is old. The other thing is to keep us as slaves, stupidly longing to be masters.

Dear politicians, intellectuals, academics, artists, professionals, do not play the lomoebaba, do not go out and say that you were not warned, take your heads out of that plate of pasta with caraota in which the bourgeoisie have kept you, telling you that it is the glory while they are stuffed with caviar.

Translation by Internationalist 360°

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