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"Esclavos Unidos. La otra cara del American Dream", escrito por la periodista Helena Villar, salió a la venta el 6 de septiembre (Foto: Twitter/@AkalEditor)

‘United Slaves’ – Facts About the US Collapse

Journalist and RT’s Washington DC correspondent Helena Villar has recently published her book titled United Slaves. The Other Face of the American Dream. Through analysis of hard data, Villar portrays the reality of the United States in different social aspects: health policies, the military industrial complex, the collapse of the country’s infrastructure and, in general terms, the decadence of the US society resulting from the life regulating policies implemented by the corporate elites with bipartisan support from consecutive governments.

Below, we share some of the data from Villar's book compiled by the user "Caramelito" on the social network Twitter, data that is almost never mentioned by the Western media:

  • In the US, a sexual assault occurs every 73 seconds. Every month, 52 women are shot and killed by their partners.
  • Four million children do not have health coverage in the US.
  • In the US people have to pay $140 for a vial of insulin that costs $5 to manufacture.
  • Due to high drug costs, people choose to buy antibiotics for fish because these are the ones that they can afford.
  • Blood bank companies set up shop in poor neighborhoods in border towns to take advantage of low-income people and immigrants who lack income options to survive.
  • 43% of US households cannot afford the basics to survive, even if an adult is working in the family.
  • 41% of workers in the US do not have vacations or holidays throughout the year because the law does not oblige companies to give holidays to their workers.
  • A person who goes into debt to pay for their college fees would still be paying off loans well into retirement age. Currently, there are 45 million university students whose student loan debts total $1.6 trillion.
  • The United States ranks first among the countries with the highest number of incarcerated individuals, including minors. In 29 of its 50 states, it is legal to carry out criminal procedures against children as young as 5 years of age.
  • The low level of unemployment in the US is due to the fact that poor people are in jail for crimes such as sitting on a sidewalk or camping due to homelessness.

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