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Citibank Blockade Against Venezuela Aims To Prevent Chavism From Recomposing

The financial blockade against Venezuela, formalised by the closure of the accounts at Citibank, should not be considered a separate issue from Kimberly-Clark leaving the country, nor by the renewal of US sanctions sponsored by Chevron Corporation to venezuelan civil servants and military officer

Massacre of blacks in the United States: Interests and deep state

The internal existential crisis that can be seen in mass media after the murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, two black citizens in the United States, is far from being just a racial phenomenon that the world’s obviousness points out.

Sixth Republic: How to Combat the Laws to Come

In Venezuela, laws are passed or approved by the National Assembly– a mechanism which today is in the hands of pro-business and pro-hegemonic powers.

Judgement and Verdict: 13 Years for Leopoldo Lopez

It’s official. Leopoldo Lopez is probably the only favoured heir of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie to have been sentenced by the Venezuelan justice system in recent years. It is a fact that in Venezuela no one is untouchable. There are no surnames or birthmarks which guarantee absolute impunity.

The Communal Levels of the War

This is a politicized country and especially people who don’t live here are impressed by the ease with which anyone of any occupation or social status, in any part of the country, has something to say about the economy, national and international politics.

What lies behind the transnationalization and occupation of the Esequibo

The dispute between Venezuela and Guyana regarding the Esequibo has taken a significant turn with the beginning of transnationalization of contested land and territorial waters. What follows is an outline of the most profound issues involved.

Facts About the Media Garbage Against Diosdado Cabello

Yesterday (May 18) the Wall Street Journal published a news story at the same time that the State Department expressed its "concern" over freedom of speech in Venezuela.

Rumour as a Weapon: The Case of the “Stolen Children”

Different media outlets and social media accounts have been stirring up a series of rumours, alleged confirmations and pseudo-confirmations regarding several cases of child abduction, with some even providing an astonishing level of detail. However, outside of the realm of the corporate media, no reports have been filed with either state security forces or with the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Obama’s decree: what’s behind it?

Legal issues about Obama’s decree declaring Venezuela an "unusual and extraordinary threat" are expressions of purest imperial colonialism that has characterized the USA foreign policy.