Massacre of blacks in the United States: Interests and deep state

The internal existential crisis that can be seen in mass media after the murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, two black citizens in the United States, is far from being just a racial phenomenon that the world’s obviousness points out.

It seems to be going through an unyielding battle within powerful sectors of the deep gringo State in full movement of it’s chess pieces, where again black community (and white), white police officers (and black ) and all that is mediatized are simple and sad pawns of an internecine war in which everyone is gaining something, except for us.

Doubt, always doubt

But even sadder is having to repeat the obvious mantra: If the corporate media shows you something "as the truth" its because it serves them, they want you to believe them. Behind each piece of news, data, detail and information thousands of dollars as well as their owners are maneuvering. Today, July 10, 2016, the media is still deciding what and what is not happening. 

Earlier this year, the British newspaper The Guardian published a rigorous study where they spewed out super pornographic data which indicates the manifest interest behind the tragic massacres of blacks in the United States, similar to what is now developing in most American States. 

The Guardian’s investigation, presented (featured) under the name of "The Counted", says they began "in response to serious concerns over the failure of the federal Government in maintaining a comprehensive record of those who died at the hands of the police", i.e. The Guardian - owned by Apax Partners , one of the world's largest capital firms; historical, political, commercial and military partners of Great Britain - are highly affected and hurt by the murders of Black Americans at the hands of the Government.

The infodrug report for the world’s neurotic consumption reveals among other things that: 

  • Young black people in United States are nine times more likely to be killed than other Americans. 
  • Only in 2015 the United States federal police killed 1,134 people, mostly black. 
  • 1 in 65 black youths in the United States die murdered by a police officer.
  • Even though they represent only 2% of the U.S. population, black males between the ages of 15 and 34 years old accounted for over 15% of all deaths in 2015. 

Such research was published with the same rigour in other media outlets with powerful range and global influence like BBC, CNN, El País, Clarín, etc. The same media outlets in charge of fabricating opinions regarding Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and other countries in war.

If the corporate media shows you something "as the truth" its because it serves them

George Soros invests, again

 In 2015, George Soros, the ultrafamous financial tycoon, has not only invested in moving thousands of war victims in Syria and Libya as refugees in Europe has brought Merkel to her knees. The investor connected to the Rothschild financial caste, also has huge investments and interests in the most important black activism networks in the United States, according to the Washington Times. From organized groups in the Ferguson protests, to the very trendy Black Lives Matters, including pro-afro web sites for example Colorlines and other Pro-legalization institutions such as the Drug Policy Alliance, are activated and mobilized using Soros’ millions of dolars. In only one year 33 million dollars were invested in all of these organizations.

Under Soros’ loose philanthropical facade and through the foundation of foundations, Open Society Foundation (OSF), he financed, planned and mobilized the protests on Maidan Square in 2014, episode that resulted in the Nazi movement consecration responsible for the operations leading to the coup d'etat in Ukraine, a country in civil war. The OSF also appears in the records as financiers of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), responsible for the Panama Papers, the multioperational intelligence already analyzed at the time by

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, two of the most important NGOs of global influence, are equally funded by the OSF. Both are responsible of elaborating reports, positioning fables and deploying propaganda against Syria and Venezuela. PROVEA, local NGO much less effective and mediocre, of little influence, also receives royalties from Soros to criminalize the Venezuelan State and its institutions. 

Ironically the OSF misión statement reads: "we work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies".

Behind the investments of this tycoon in the countries mentioned and many others, are the developing plans of the financial global elite against the structures of NationStates. Soros, as many others, maneuver within countries flouting national and international regulations based on the premise of installing and being an independent financial power, centralizing power and erasing the last vestiges of what is understood as sovereignty. A corporate world without State roadblocks: the future according to the elite.

Both the black activist movements in the United States and the terrible tragedy around the Syrian refugees, are minor pieces on the global corporations playing board, the good intentions of some and the plaintive projection of others are absolutely irrelevant. Yes, it is sad and bleak, but it’s the reality. Once again, the consequences are visible and the causes are hidden.

As in monopoly, everyone wins 

Not only Soros and the corporate media hold interests around the massacres, specifically within the United States. Other less visible economic actors are also involved in the tragedy and getting paid for it. 

After the live telecast of the agony and subsequent death of Alton Sterling recorded by his own girlfriend through the Facebook Live video streaming platform, Zuckerberg came of with free publicity after being exposed in the media on hundreds of front pages and receiving more than 5 million visitors after the incident. The video shows how Sterling agonizes while the police officer shouts willing to fire another shot. Sadism has always fractured, only now it’s live and direct. Contrary to the opinion they try to bring about, this does not represent a problem for Facebook policies; the reality is that it all adds on value. 

The arms industry also welcomes the rise of their economic indexes after each massacre, Bloomberg states:

It can also be seen how there is nothing left out or at random in the accession of new weapons in the prelude of the internal non-conventional war that the United States begins to live. The military-industrial complex boasts their new toys against another black citizen accused of threatening the integrity of the police officers who are killing blacks. Another Panama invasion isn’t necessary to try new ways of killing:

And to finalize the count, direct promoters probably earn the most surrounding the effective implementation of these types of operations which are underway. 
In a country threatened by the mist of desintegration. Today’s weakening of the political, financial and military class that originated in the United States is no secret.

The imminent imposition of the ultrapolice state needs a prior argument, the justification on the outside is the product of a shocking social fact on the inside. The internal social overflow insistently projected by mass media has its reason for being and the activists within the movements seem to become the prey and victims of this all. United States, as the rest of the world today, is a huge laboratory for social re-engineering where we, the 99%, are mere passive spectators on the one hand and reactionaries on the other. 

Today we already know that activist organizations, popular movements, guilds, progressive groups, tradicional parties, dogmatic militants and religious believers are tender meat for manipulation by the political, financial and military elite that rule the world. A jolt is urgently needed in the political forms, analysts and analysis, alternative media and the leadership contrary to imperialism. 

But above all things a greater effort is urged in the creation of a new idea, one that separates us from tragedy and doesn’t end up imitating and serving our oppressors like everyone else in the last 500 years.

The translation for Misión Verdad was done by Jamil Herezi


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