Citibank Blockade Against Venezuela Aims To Prevent Chavism From Recomposing

The financial blockade against Venezuela, formalised by the closure of the accounts at Citibank, should not be considered a separate issue from Kimberly-Clark leaving the country, nor by the renewal of US sanctions sponsored by Chevron Corporation to venezuelan civil servants and military officers. A large portion of the global economic power takes the lead in the siege against the country due to the operational weakness of the M.U.D. with its main political resources even more depleted and more depressed than Sheryl Rubio.

And it should not be considered separately because the irruption of these three corporations, which have amongst their shareholders the very same financial capitals interested in raising actions against Venezuela, takes place just at a time when chavism is going through an ascending cycle to stabilize economy with visible evidence, such as the breakdown of the parallel dollar bubble and the slowing down of its twin sister, inflation.

Nor should one neglect the visible fact that internal political dynamics moves to the beat of the Chavism, with the MUD running behind the Bolivarian Economic Agenda that has launched the program named: Great Mission Sovereign Supply and positive factors such as the income increase due to a higher price of the oil barrel, which allow it moving towards the completion of a second half of the year in which solid steps will be taken to solve the central nerve of the political path of the last 3 year: the queues.

Global power is understandig that Chavism, together with its revolutionary directorate, has an effective plan to deactivate the economic kidnapping it has had against.  And it cannot allow itself to take effective steps towards overcoming an unfavorable situation with the narrative touches of “catastrophe”, to one in which to recompose and to reconnect with the population, that genuinely, and due to the neurosis caused by the queues and the diminishing of life quality, has lost confidence in the bolivarian government.

And it cannot do it because the 3-year kidnapping has not led to the population to embrace its kidnapper, nor has it led to an artificial social explosion, or to a humanitarian crisis and a total dispersion of Chavism, so that, to at least give away power peacefully.  On the contrary, and it is worth repeating, despite everything and against all odds, Chavism has not only stoically resisted, but  there is clear evidence as well, that with high level negotiations both internally and with external barrier instances such as the UNASUR Dialogue Table, it has been capable of deciphering the nature of economic, political, cultural and media warfare and takes steps to disarm it.

Chavism has got the ability to defeat unconventional warfare, that is the reason why, with a last-ditch effort made from abroad to “save the situation”, real power tries, rather shamelessly, to impose famine and medicine shortage through a financial blockade that can hinder imports the second half of the year. Remember that blockading a sovereing country, without legal basis, is a crime against humanity.

We, the chavistas, cannot afford to ignore reality, nor to turn a blind eye to the desperation of Wall Street to close the latin american front with Venezuela, thus getting more strength in the global arena; because we have spent six months experiencing spiritual, human and traumatic levels in which this plan was attempted to escalate objective conditions for a change of regime attained through social unrest and induced looting.

We must realize, more than ever before, that these months have been the toughest and more critical in the history of chavism, having been useful to witness the constant dropping out of traitors and internal saboteurs, as well as to take in and fully understand the hard decisions that the revolutionary directorate has undertaken to turn an orderly retreat into a political pulse with the global powers bypassing from above the final claudication.

One, that even though labelled as ideological or as treacherous to the legacy of Comandante Chávez, is not political, but it responds to the aim of dividing the internal enemies and making it possible to stabilise macroeconomic indicators to access external credit to ensure the basic needs of the population, at a time when Wall Street wants to avoid this at all costs.

Understanding this is as true as the concrete fact that we, the chavistas have to activate ourselves about these key issues, and with the civil-military drive headed by Vladimir Padrino López, to take control of the food and medicine distribution. It is precisely for this reason, and not from sad dividing attemps, that we can give clues with concrete facts to our disenchanted people to start the necessary and indispensable process of reconnecting with President Maduro's leadership and that of the revolutionary directorate.

The point of financial no return marked by Citibank, shows us that no plan, as remarkable as it may be, can be imposed from abroad, and that Chavism, using the force of the enemy, not only shows signs of recomposition, but that it capable of breaking down the 3 years of frustration and of laying the foundations to defeat the non-conventional warfare.

It is up to us.


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