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Where the International Front Against Venezuela Is Heading

Despite the meeting being hailed as a success, Marco Rubio said no consensus exists as regards Washington's policy of isolation and asphyxia towards Venezuela.

Bombings By The US, France And UK Failed To Reach Syria Objectives

So far there have been no reports of deaths, injuries or major damage to the infrastructure of the bombed cities.

Drug Trafficking, Business Of War And Presidential Elections In Colombia And Venezuela

It is now time of presidential elections in Colombia. Fear is the main electoral strategy. The Colombian electorate is frightened by the ghost of "Chavism", with the guerrillas that became a political party, with a former social-democratic guerrilla or with an alleged "invasion" of Venezuelans.

Lula's Conviction Turns Brazil Into Model of Regional Control

Once again, progressive forces have to redesign their means of struggle and their ideas for confronting the current regional political moment.

TRUMPETS OF WAR: Illegal Expulsion Of Russian Diplomats Is Global Crisis

The expulsion of Russia's ambassadors to UN is illegal and destabilization continues.

Specter Of US Sponsored Electoral Fraud Returns To Venezuela

Venezuela's upcoming May 2018 elections already show signs of US foreign meddling.

Dollars And Extortion In The Bowels Of The Venezuelan Criminal Forum

At the end of last week there was news about the expulsion of some lawyers from a certain non-governmental human rights organization, known as the Venezuelan Criminal Forum.

Who Runs The Lobby For The US Military To Invade Venezuela?

The proposal is framed in the story of "humanitarian crisis" and the risk posed by Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, to the region for the alleged "implication of Venezuelan government officials in drug trafficking and the handing over of passports to members of terrorist organizations."

Fallacies And Inaccuracies About Venezuelan Migration

It could be said that this incomplete information that is left to roll by large means of global propaganda that more than 2 million people have left Venezuela belongs to the world of po