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More Bases, Military Exercises: The (Para)Military Option Against Venezuela in Action

As Southern Command chief Admiral Kurt Tidd put it, "The growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could make necessary a regional response."

US Occupation Has Already Begun and Is Being Conducted by ExxonMobil

Exxon wants to topple Venezuela for geopolitical and geo-economic reasons

What You Need to Know About Elections for the Constituent Assembly

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro presented the National Electoral Council, CNE, with his proposal for structuring the electoral bases through which constituent representatives will be elected.

Why Are There No Riots in the Barrios of Venezuela?

The only ones who have both the number and fury to set fire to this country are working, organizing, discussing the call to a Constituent Assembly.

Who Is Behind the State Department's Coup Plot in Venezuela?

Creating a distorted image of the humanitarian crisis is the starting point. Painting a picture of a country on the verge of collapse is the alibi.

Coup d' Etat? Has Venezuelan Parliament Been Dissolved?

These are key questions facing Venezuela's current power struggles and the intensifying political conflict, which surfaces from a March 29th High Court's (HC) ruling wich assumes incidental functions from the Venezuelan parliament, finding itself today in contempt, and administratively null and void.

Humanitarian Crises Silenced by Luis Almagro

This nagging has been repeated in forums and events paid by US corporations without a shred of shame towards the invisibility of other current situations of greater concern in other countries from the region.

Odebrecht or the Moral Bias of Corruption

The investigations conducted by the United States Department of Justice on the payment of bribes to Latin American politicians by the Brazilian transnational Odebrecht, have had an overdramatic and sensationalist approach. As if corruption is a recent invention, or born in 2016.

Harvard University: platform for a financial blockade

More specifically the Center for International Development (part of the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard), directed by Ricardo Hausmann (pictured), is the division that houses a wide number of financial hitmen placed at the highest levels. They are the al-Qaeda of finance.