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Why Are Venezuela's Regional Elections So Crucial?

The regional elections (Governor and States Legislative Council) are a key importance issue in Venezuela’s current political situation. We might be tempted to treat them as trivial if they were just new elections after so many others. But that's not what they are.

Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia?

From Colombia millions of people arrived in Venezuela, fleeing political and paramilitary violence.

US Congress Asks Pentagon to Prepare to Intervene in Venezuela

Inside the United States, the War Party continues preparations for a "humanitarian" intervention in Venezuela.

Trump's Sanctions Against Venezuela: Blame Julio Borges

Julio Borges is the leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Hurricanes Expose the Real Politics in the Caribbean

What Hurricanes Reveal About Humane and Inhumane Politics

Events must be considered from different perspectives. On the one hand, there is the reactions of nature itself to what has been consistently denounced as "climate change", the result of pernicious actions of the system within the framework of the industrial capitalist model against the planet. Then there is the  action of governments in affected countries, as well as those which, without having been affected, have assumed either a passive or active role in response to the crisis.

US Retaliates for Venezuela's Success with Citgo Blockade

The rigged embargo operations against Citgo also affect US oil operators, which does not seem to bother Trump.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Foreign Intervention Expert

The president of the National Constituent Assembly rightly said that the Jordanian prince "endorses the violence of the Venezuelan right against the people."

Sabotage of Petrozamora Seeks to Break Russia Agreements

This situation dates back to 2015, according to the complaint filed by representatives of the Russian company.

Hurricane Irma and How the US Exploits Disasters to Blackmail the Caribbean

Venezuela plays a key role supporting countries suffering the effects of climate change, a phenomenon globalized by corporate capitalism.

Why Does Venezuela Have a National Constituent Assembly?

Chavismo has been able to articulate the politics and the use of constitutional mechanisms to, again, endure and overcome a new onslaught and coup d'etat.