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Dollars And Extortion In The Bowels Of The Venezuelan Criminal Forum

At the end of last week there was news about the expulsion of some lawyers from a certain non-governmental human rights organization, known as the Venezuelan Criminal Forum.

Fallacies And Inaccuracies About Venezuelan Migration

It could be said that this incomplete information that is left to roll by large means of global propaganda that more than 2 million people have left Venezuela belongs to the world of po

Who Runs The Lobby For The US Military To Invade Venezuela?

The proposal is framed in the story of "humanitarian crisis" and the risk posed by Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, to the region for the alleged "implication of Venezuelan government officials in drug trafficking and the handing over of passports to members of terrorist organizations."

The Easy Manual To Understand Venezuela's Petro-Crypto Currency

Many times there is the temptation to compare banks with cryptocurrencies, in principle because the idea of ​​the bank is quite assumed; The ecosystem based on ATMs, cards, Internet services, transfers, accounts, agencies, loans and trusts is part of the routine of a large percentage of the popul

Is The Military Invasion Of Venezuela Imminent Or Is It Just Another Threat?

According to the National Security Strategy of the Trump Administration, all resources of financial, military, commercial, media and diplomatic power mu

The Strange New Pathologies of the World's First Rich Failed State

Why We're Underestimating American Collapse

You might say, having read some of my recent essays, "Umair! Don't worry! Everything will be fine! It’s not that bad!" I would look at you politely, and then say gently, "To tell you the truth, I don't think we're taking collapse nearly seriously enough."

Syria does not fear war with Israel: the rules of engagement have changed

Damascus air defence downed its first Israeli jet (F-16) ever, at a stroke changing the rules of engagement (ROE) with Israel and sending a clear message that it is ready for war and will no longer be silent on violations of its airspace.

When red lines are crossed in Syria, expect Israel to be shaken

Decision makers in Damascus said "Syria and its allies have decided to move more harshly against Israel, replicating Hezbollah's strategy in those days (the 90's), before the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.

Dialogue Ends as Presidential Elections Begin

Government spokesman Jorge Rodríguez said that, on the eve of the scheduled signing, the opposition received a phone call from Colombia and decided to withdraw from the dialogue.